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Crayons, For Sure

I'm sorry. I never get tired of hearing Jerry and Don say: Coco Crisp. It's like this giggle reflex I have when the name gets announced. Same thing happens with Matt Stairs and Ben Sheets.

Damn, I hope this isn't a shut out. I don't want crayons. At least not at home.

I love how Rem just lets the Boston accent rip. Halamar. No shame. Another reason to admire the guy.

I missed the majority of the game playing softball. We won again, but I'm pretty sure you are tired of hearing about it, reader. Actually, this game was a super snore. We played the maroon shirts, who managed to keep us at 6. It was the fastest game I think we've played all season (1 hour). We broke out in the 2nd to score all 6 runs. The maroons squeezed 2 runs out of us, but most innings were 1-2-3 on both sides. 8-1 is the record. I popped out twice. I actually hit much better during our BP (the first BP we've actually had). I played 2nd pretty effectively, though. I had a good "flipping" rhythm going with the SS.

Alright, Vazquez simple stinks. He's playing defense as poorly as Bellhorn has tonight. And his offense is equally as flat (.200, no HR, and a mere 4 RBIs). I give him props for looking like Sugar Ray, but that's the only compliment I'm going to grace him with. Just an off night for greasy hair. Everyone is entitled to one, I guess. What is the dealio with back up short stops? Enlighten me, people. This is an area that Theo really needs to address. What's the word on the street? If we do make a trade with Payton (sad as this makes me), I hope we get a utility dude who can play SS better than Vazquez. Something tells me, though, that Jay is stuck with us, whether he likes it or not.

Sourballs just came out of the Cleveland bullpen to close. And Papi got out at 1st. Come on Manny, dignity run, dignity run. Nope. Trot struck out. EOG (end of game).

I drove in today, and I was tempted to listen to EEI over NPR. Big mistake. Who the heck are these callers and where do they come from? My favorite today was a dude from Forestdale or Mashpee (somewhere over the Bourne Bridge) who thought that Wake should be sent to the bullpen when Schilling comes back. Cool idea, huh? I can picture it now. Tie game, bases loaded, 7th inning and in walks Wake. Are these people out of their damn minds? He couldn't make a convincing case for his idea other than "the knuckleball is unpredictable." Which is precisely why you don't put him in relief! Did this guy watch Game 7 in '03? I get pretty embarrassed for some of these people. Also, D & C are the biggest homophobic right-winged jackasses around so it's really hard to dignify their show with my time.

So Florida tomorrow - the shit's gonna hit the fan in Yankee town. I would love to be a fly on the wall. Bitch slaps all around. Good, good times.
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