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From the Sensational New York Post ... - Witch City Sox Girl

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July 1st, 2005

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02:08 pm - From the Sensational New York Post ...
An error, then some hits?

Did Yankee teammates Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez have a locker-room brawl last week?

The two sluggers mixed it up on June 20, after an errant throw from shortstop Jeter to third baseman A-Rod handed the Yankees a 5-4 loss to the last-place Tampa Bay Devil Rays, according to a TV producer loitering in the clubhouse.

"[I] saw them go at it," the source tells Radaronline.com. "A-Rod walked past Jeter's locker and mumbled something about his throw, then Jeter told him to go [bleep] himself and all hell broke lose. Their teammates were pulling them away from each other.

Says a ball club insider, "Now you have guys like Bernie Williams, who remember winning the World Series, taking Jeter's side, and then you have the [recent] trades, like Tony Womack, taking A-Rod's side."

Two Yankee players told The News they had no knowledge of a fight. And team spokesman Rick Cerone labeled the report an "absolute fantasy," and denied any quarreling among the players.


Could just be a rumor, but in my mind, I am turning it into fact.

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Date:February 13th, 2010 06:33 am (UTC)
Beware the Second Coming of Christ

This isn't one of your probelms historically and YOU SHOULDN'T BE INVOLVED IN THIS BEHAVIOR.

Running Palin for President after she quit her office in Alaska mid-term.
Don't be surprised if they are using this as a reverse positioning ploy:::
Growing disrespect of conservatives ignites a "Californication" liberal movement.
Don't be suprised if we emerge from this event with a one-party system effectively.

Sarah Palin's words, demeanor and extreme masculiinization is a clue to conservatives.
Is this really what they think it means to be a decent woman?
There are corruptors among them who think they're "earning" who will promote her, and come election day if people still do everything they are told this person will win.
Holding that semi-automatic gun she is the very epitome of "Californication", ironically.
How many of these lesbians fancy their weaponry?

As we witness the Gods position out my sacrifice, so have we witness the Gods "position out" all these items of popular culture the Gods used to::
1. Send a clue about the Situation
2. Offer the element of temptation, since I would never be willing as were my predicesors.

Since the element of evil, attributable to every prophet was not positioned expect it still is to come.
My Holocaust.
I noted how as we become increasingly indecent the Gods have phased out elements which gave people pause, made them think twice:::Punishment as favor from the Gods.
The fear of Hell is an outstanding example:::People learned of Damnation and many, if not most, behaved appropriately.
Today's Christianty has "phased out" the concept of Hell. Whereas people like mom learned of Hell in the early-mid 20th century now that she has been reincarnated this element will be absent from her religious education.
If she even gets one.
Hell is not the only example:::The Gods are phasing out other forms of punishment. AIDS is another good example:::There will be no "AIDS II". Those people will be allowed to become as wickedly hedonistic and deviate as they chose.
Genocide events are a punishment tool. Whereas they ocurred occassionally this too will be a "benefit" the Gods "phase out" and elminate, for the people have fallen into too grave of disfavor.

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